Program General Description: The E-Commerce major blends business and information technology to address the emerging field of e-Commerce and e-Business. In addition to the BM program outcomes for the Diploma in E-Commerce, graduates are expected to gain the major-specific outcomes:

  • Ecomm-1. Gain basic skills to help organizations transfer most of their activities over the Web.
  • Ecomm-2. Acquire the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge to combine technical and business processes.
  • Ecomm-3. Utilize programming skills to solve common business problems and Web development techniques.
  • Ecomm-4. Taking advantage of the marketing revolution by effective use of technology in different retail sectors.
  • Ecomm-5. Contribute to e-Business companies with multiple roles.

Job Opportunities: Upon graduation opportunities for employment will fall within but not limited to the following job titles: Entrepreneur, Market Research Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Banker, Web Developer, or Computer System Analyst.

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