Tuition and Fees

Value (K.D.)
3 exams (5K.D. per exam)
  •  To be paid after the student has submitted the placement examinations.
  •  To be debited from the student’s total semester fees in the event that the student completes the registration process.
To be paid each semester
For each official transcript
For each certificate
For each letter.
*Issued for the first time after the seventh week of starting classes.
For each delayed payment
With respect to other applicable charges and fees

Registration and Tuition fees apply to all students with no exception. The Board of Trustees at ktech maintain the right to change/modify the registration and tuition list.

Payment Options

  1. 15 K.D. is payable upon submission of the application form, in addition to 5 K.D per placement exam.
  2. The student is required to pay 150 K.D. upon receipt of his/her acceptance letter in order to secure a place. This payment is considered part of the total semester tuition fee should the student complete the registration process and enroll in offered classes.
  3. Semester tuition fees are divided into three payments:
    1. The first payment, equal to a minimum of 50% of the total tuition fees, is to be paid in order to register for courses.
    2. b) The second and final installment of the remaining tuition fees must be paid during week seven of the semester.

Any student with pending payments shall not be permitted to take their end of term examinations.