Tuition and Fees

Value (K.D.)
3 exams (5K.D. per exam)
PUC Application Fees (for PUC Students) 10 (non-refundable) ---
  •  To be paid after the student has submitted the placement examinations.
  •  To be debited from the student’s total semester fees in the event that the student completes the registration process.

Registration and Tuition fees apply to all students with no exception. The Board of Trustees at ktech maintain the right to change/modify the registration and tuition list.

Payment Options:

  • Payment Plan and Installments:
    - Payment of full Tuition Fees for Mandatory Fall or Spring Semester:
    The registration fees of 400 KWD shall be paid prior to the registration period.

    - Payment of full Tuition Fees for Optional Summer Semester:
    Students must pay the full amount of tuition fees for the summer semester prior to the start of classes.

  • Installments Plan:
    - Week 1: Fall semester classes begin and add & drop period.
    - Week 4: First installment.
    - Week 6: Course withdrawal deadline.
    - Week 8: Second installment.
    - Week 11: College withdrawal deadline.
    - Week 12: Third installment.