Placement Tests


In addition to the previous high school or secondary school grades requirements, all applicants must demonstrate acceptable level of performance in English, Mathematics and Computing in order to be admitted to ktech. Consequently, all applicants should take a placement test in each of those areas. Admission will be granted based on individual test scores in each area as described in the following table:

70 or above Direct-Entry
50 to 69 Foundation II
30 to 49 Foundation I
Less than 30 Not Accepted to the College

At the end of the E1 and E2 foundation programs, students take an exit test to determine their promotion to the next level of study. Depending on their scores:

5 60 173 500

Applicants who have a valid and official English language proficiency score at or above the scores listed in the table below will be waived from taking the English proficiency placement test. Only original score reports less than two years old from the date of application submission will be accepted. However, those applicants should take Mathematics and Computing placement tests to be promoted to E2 or to their major program.