Student Activity


Local Trip Policy (Closed)

  • A field trip is defined as a university/college supervised journey excursion out of campus, with a time duration maximum of four hours.
  • Student`s trip must be consistent with the ktech`s mission statement that are geared to enhance student`s content of a course and fulfill their inner need to be active in the community.
  • All students on trip must complete and submit an Off-Campus Trip Form to the Student Life Department no later than five (5) workings days before the scheduled trip
  • Students are responsible for their behavior and must uphold all ktech`s policies while on the trip.
  • Student Life Department reserves the right to limit the number of students registered for the trip, after an approval from the higher management.
  • All ktech`s sponsored trip must be accompanied by a chaperon either a faculty member and/or a staff member.
  • A protocol is set for circumstances that may necessitate the trip officer leaving the group to accompany an injured or ill student.
  • Trip officer must carry a copy of all emergency contacts information for all students participating in the trip.
  • The name and phone number of the faculty member/trip officer must be provided to the students using the appropriate form to facilitate the communication process.
  • Faculty/trip officer is expected to exchange emergency contact numbers with students and obtain an indication of who each student desires to be notified in the event of an emergency.
  • If ktech provides transportation for the student’s trip, the students have to register in advance in the Trip Form to use college transportation, with adhering to all the regulations and terms required by
  • All student & trip participants choosing to ride in a private vehicle do so at their own risk.
  • All trip participants are independently responsible for their personal conduct and belongings while on the trip
  • A list of student names attending the trip must be sent from Student Life to the Office of Student Advising to coordinate attendance with the instructors three (3) working days prior the trip.
  • All trip participant should be compliance with all health precautions.