Management of Information Systems (MIS)


Program General Description: The Management of Information Systems (MIS) major provides fundamental knowledge and application in both business and information technology. This major is designed to prepare students to achieve and excel in a constantly changing global economic environment. In addition to the BM program outcomes for the Diploma in Management of Information Systems, MIS graduates are expected to gain the major-specific outcomes:

  • MIS-1. Understand and apply core knowledge in Management Information Systems (MIS).
  • MIS-2. Identify, analyze, gather requirements, and design an information system.
  • MIS-3. Explain fundamental database concepts and apply these concepts to the design and development of information systems.
  • MIS-4. Demonstrate the major steps in the design and implementation phases of the system development life cycle (SDLC).
  • MIS-5. Understand how current technologies and decision-support tools can affect the business operations.
  • MIS-6. Understand and apply project management principles.

Job Opportunities: Upon graduation opportunities for employment will fall within but not limited to the following job titles: Programmer, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Database Administrator, System Designer, or Information System Professional.

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