Sales and Marketing


Program General Description: The Sales and Marketing major prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities in marketing, sales, and advertising management. In addition to the BM program outcomes for the Diploma in Sales & Marketing, S&M graduates are expected to gain the major-specific outcomes:

  • SM-1. Analyze and understand customer needs and wants.
  • SM-2. Develop sales strategies and promote marketing plans and budget control.
  • SM-3. Describe the purpose of management in the business environment.
  • SM-4. Evaluate statistics and write sales reports.
  • SM-5. Develop a business idea from concept through a complete business plan.
  • SM-6. Develop retail campaigns based on an understanding of consumer buying behavior.

Job Opportunities: Upon graduation opportunities for employment will fall within but not limited to the following job titles: Entrepreneur, Customer Service Liaison, Banker, Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, or Sales and Marketing Representative.

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