Web Applications and Programming


Program General Description: A major developed to meet the increasing use of the Internet and Web technologies around the world and its vast influence on the global economy. Students interested in gaining an understanding of technical skills and the knowledge to develop and master Web applications, can enroll into the Web Applications and Programming (WAP) major. In addition to the program outcomes for the Diploma in Information Systems and Technology, SAP graduates are expected to gain the major-specific outcomes:

  • WAP-1. Apply logical skills to program in a variety of languages.
  • WAP-2. Understand and use the Internet and the World Wide Web and obtain the needed networking and database management skills.
  • WAP-3. Gain extensive knowledge on a variety of Internet technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, and the Microsoft .Net Platform).
  • WAP-4. Develop interactive web applications that allow users to interact with back-end applications and databases.
  • WAP-5. Design, code, test, and debug web applications and web user interfaces.
  • WAP-6. Integrate with and write web-based services.
  • WAP-7. Work effectively on a web application development team.

Job opportunities: Professional Software Developer for Web applications.

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