Repeating a Course


It may be possible to repeat a program course and replace a grade using the Course Repeat Policy. The ktech policy has been developed to ensure that it is academically rigorous and fair for students. You should contact your academic advisor, major department, or registration department for restrictions and limitations regarding the course repeat policy.

The Repetition of Program Courses Policy provides the criteria for which students are permitted to repeat program courses at Kuwait Technical College (ktech), because they either failed a program course or wish to repeat the course in order to improve their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Course Repeat Policy Information:

  • You may only repeat a course in which you received a grade of "F", "FA", "D", and “D+".
  • All students will be limited to a maximum of SIX repeats for grade forgiveness and the highest grade attained will be used when calculating your GPA. No student may repeat a course more than once unless given permission by the academic advisor and department chair. Petitions to repeat a course third time (i.e. fourth attempt) will not be considered.
  • The courses must be repeated at ktech to impact your GPA.
  • Elective courses may be repeated with a different elective with the approval of his/her academic advisor and department chair.
  • The lowest grade obtained for a repeated course will remain on the transcript with an E prefix succeeding the course code (no degree credit earned and grade does not compute in the student’s GPA).
  • If the student repeats more than SIX courses (i.e. exceeding the repeats limits), then the course grades (old and new grades) obtained after the sixth repeat will both be calculated into the student's overall GPA.
  • In all cases, all enrollments and all grades will appear on the student's permanent record (transcript).
Note(For PUC Scholarship Students):
PUC may or may not cover the costs of repeating program courses. PUC Scholarship students should check with the Registration Department about the PUC course repeat policy.